The Story of ASTAR

The ASTAR project is founded and co-ordinated by Lindy Solomon. Lindy has been involved in art education, curriculum development and teacher training for more than thirty five years. She has written two books on art teaching: Khula Udweba and Creative Beginnings.

Lindy first learnt the great value of free, spontaneous artmaking without expectations or judgement, from working with young children. Her experience of teaching art to hundreds of adults of all ages in a variety of communities, from very disadvantaged to more affluent areas, revealed the universal transformative power of art for personal growth.

Over the years she became more and more aware of the healing power of art made in an atmosphere of total acceptance. Lindy has spent many years actively researching creativity and developing a variety of methods to help adults to let go of fear and judgement and to bypass the analytical mind to enable free authentic expression. All this has led to a specific, carefully designed approach and methodology called the ASTAR process.

Lindy is presently teaching, mentoring, consulting, facilitating workshops and art retreats and doing her own work as an artist ( She is also the founder and an active board member of TAP ( The Astar Project NPC) – a non-profit organisation that offers art programs for transformation, healing and community development.

Lindy can be contacted at 084 262 0602 or at